Here at Fave we want to highlight and celebrate YOUR story! Life’s challenges often end in triumph—whether that is a breakthrough in situation, in perspective, or signicant personal growth. As we highlight these often shared experiences, we give voice to the resilience and tenacity of the warrior within each one of us, and lend strength and hope to those not yet on the other side of their own battle.

Thank you in advance for your transparency in sharing your own personal testimony!

*A special thanks to our Fave Biz Society Member Heather Eder for helping us create the prompts and description for our #Celebrating1mWomen 

If you need help with writing connect with Heather Eder right here at Fave. 

(e.g. "I am the daughter of...")
(ie: strength, resilience, grit, overcoming, etc)?
(Personal insecurities, past trauma, an area of weakness?)
(Was it an event, a thought or revelation, or external force which caused/ignited a shift within?)