Dancing with Dragons: Healing Emotions and Relationships through Shadow work

Suite B Back of Logsdon Building 10127

Sunday, March 24 2024 from 12:00 AM to 03:00 AM

 Dancing with Dragons: Healing Emotions and Relationships through Shadow work. Join us, it will be powerful: https://www.zenheartcenter.com/event-details/dancing-with-dragons-healing-emotions-relationships-through-shadow-work


About the event

Have you ever wondered,  “How can I be more? How can I live to my full potential?”

The answer to this question may surprise you.


Dancing with Dragons: Healing Emotions & Relationships through Shadow Work” is an immersive, practical workshop led by Dr. Anna Margolina, Ph.D., a hypnotherapist and energy alchemist. Through working with hundreds of clients, Dr. Anna discovered that so often the person’s brightest light is hidden within their darkest shadow.


Curious? Join us and let’s embark on a very special inner journey - a nurturing and gentle process of exploring the rejected, suppressed, or disowned aspects of your consciousness with a compassionate and empowering approach.


In this 3-hour workshop you will:


Discover Hidden Gifts: Unearth and recognize latent talents and strengths concealed within the shadow self, fostering a deeper understanding of one's unique capabilities.


Navigate Shadow Realms: Learn effective hypnotherapy techniques under Dr. Margolina's guidance to explore and navigate the uncharted territories of the subconscious, where untapped potential resides.


Release Emotional Baggage: Gain tools to release and heal from the weight of shame, guilt, and fear, promoting emotional freedom and resilience.


Boost Self-Esteem: Develop strategies to enhance self-esteem by acknowledging and integrating rejected aspects, leading to a more authentic and confident self.


Nurture Soul's Gifts: Cultivate a compassionate space to nurture and celebrate the soul's innate gifts, allowing for a harmonious integration of these qualities into everyday life.


Embrace Personal Transformation: Acquire practical insights for integrating newfound strengths into daily routines, catalyzing personal transformation and empowering sustained positive change.Join us on this transformative journey led by Dr. Anna Margolina, where the daring dance with shadow dragons becomes the celebratory dance with one's own illuminated and empowered self.    $97 per person.